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Welcome to a different kind of dispensary

Cannaverse invites you to view cannabis from new heights. People of all backgrounds will find a home at Cannaverse. Our highly trained staff, elevated use of technology and open-minded environment set us apart from all the others.

Why Cannabis? 


Cannabis use has been a regular part of human history for millennia for medical, social and even spiritual reasons. Cannabis provides an altered state of consciousness and has been known to help with anything from easing social anxiety to alleviating long-term chronic pain. At present there are over 700 different strains of cannabis on the market that all offer something different. With the Cannaverse team by your side, deciding on your experience has never been easier.


New to Cannabis?

At Cannaverse, we welcome anyone with a curiosity in cannabis to engage with our team and find the best products suited to them. Click on the link to schedule a consultation and we will make sure one of our budtenders is available to assist you. 

***Our team is not qualified to provide medical advice. If pursuing cannabis use for medical purposes, please consult your doctor prior to scheduling a consultation.

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